Our Mission & Values

Our Mission & Values

Vaccinate Your Family’s mission is to protect people of all ages from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Our Core Values:

Innovation: VYF will carry on the legacy of its dauntless co-founders by continuing to seek bold solutions to current and future vaccination challenges.

Honor: VYF remembers those who have suffered from vaccine-preventable diseases and pledges to honor them through all our work.

Equity and Inclusion: VYF puts the needs of marginalized communities first and intentionally strives to ensure equitable access to life-saving vaccines.

Community and Partnerships: VYF values the transformative impact of collaboration and works with partners to further cultural understanding and build inclusive and empowering partnerships to reignite a culture of immunization.

Scientific Integrity: VYF will continue to push itself and all those involved in the vaccine landscape to adhere to the highest scientific standards and to remain transparent in all endeavors.

30+ Years

Vaccinate Your Family has spent over 30 years ensuring millions of children and adults have access to vaccines.

Our Case Statement

Read our Case Statement for a summary of our past, present, and future plans.

Our History

Vaccinate Your Family (VYF) builds on the important legacy of Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter and Former First Lady of Arkansas Betty Bumpers.


Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Bumpers first joined forces as Governors’ Spouses to increase vaccination rates in their own states, encouraging other First Spouses to collaborate with them.


Their work continued during the Carter Administration and throughout the 1980s to increase federal support for vaccine programs nationwide, as well as state-level laws requiring that children receive vaccines before entering kindergarten.


In 1991, in response to a U.S. measles epidemic which sickened more than 55,000 people, hospitalized 11,000, and killed more than 120 people, many of whom were young children, Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Bumpers founded Every Child By Two (ECBT). Within two years of the e...

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Anti-vaccine leaders emerged in the early 2000s to question the safety of immunizations. ECBT pivoted from community engagement to addressing vaccine hesitancy. We were the first pro-vaccine group on Facebook and our efforts to build vaccine confidence continue.


ECBT is now Vaccinate Your Family (VYF). We share information about, and support efforts to expand access to, vaccines across the lifespan. We are once again returning to our community roots, expanding partnerships to reach every person in the U.S. with science-bas...

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Straight from the Source

Hear from our co-founders Rosalynn Carter and Betty Bumpers on how they joined forces to transform the health of a nation through immunizations.

Additional Resources

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